Tuesday, March 27, 2012

School Bell Rings

                                          The school bell rings,
                              New assignment, due next week; Rule the World,
                                      I rise above tears of the fallen slaves,
                                       Waves, cycling to the calling caves,
                                         Graves, hollow and scary, saves,
                                                           My throne,
                                                       Ruler of verity,
                                                    Bringer of serenity,
                                            I am your king, CROWN ME.

                               They paint pictures with a thousand words,
                                          But I give you a thousand words,
                                                     Get the picture????
                                    I preach to you with a thousand verses,
                                                     Get the scriptures???
                       Dark clouds gather, Gotham sleeps, Metropolis trembles,
                        My empire state of mind rules, New York City assembles,
                               I write to calm fear but my words strike hate,
                       Taking me through curves and loops like the number 8,
So when Adelle set fire to the rain and became so tense,
I stabbed the elf, stole the gold and burnt down the rainbow to clear the evidence.
                         They call it ego, but I thrive in a dirty love triangle,

                                                        Me myself and I,
                                                   My heart is jailbroken,
Steve Jobs, Rest in Peace,
it broke out of its prison, I call my rib cage,
                                     tore my lungs out to To express its artistry,
Harry Houdini…
So when I die, Only burry me six feet under,
Before you tell them I was down to earth,

tell them I was a righteous man,
Tell them to praise this poem,
Remind them how this poem was hot, how it set fire on stage,
How This poem is a merciless leviathan
Attempting to row the mighty seas and internal thunder pleas,
I dream to conjure up these, so that my ambition breaks the violent thunder breeze,
I bow, Kanye, Power Clap,
I freeze, Snow White, Power Nap,
I pant, Forest Gump, Power Lap,
This poem is an epigram,
A villanelle,
And I the ruler,
So I soothe its subjects to make love to its predicates,
Hence my words wet,
Satisfaction, as I soothe its hyacinth hair, kiss its luring lips,
Softly caressing its tender  hips, trips on it, grips on it,
Let it show later scars ,
From  my similes and metaphors ,

This is what the storm holds beneath its wings,
And if it is not over until the fat lady sings,
Ill wait to hear what this beautiful melody has to bring ,
To spin, into me so that I write in the darkest of nights, show my might in the mightiest of fights, let summer fall in this spring, and bounce to wipe the skies with salt and paper so that my season’ning will make life taste a little better,
But for now, remember im just a young king,
Who marked a smile with a razor on a joker’s face,
And asked him why so serious??



  1. "I write to calm fear but my words strike hate..."

    Bravo bravo.... I can only imagine the perfomance! You never disappoint.

  2. a legend of a poem