Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day Special: My Queen

Few words could describe her,
Explain what's inside her,
She is from the decency of cleopatra,
Sade's rhythm flows in her veins,
To me she is the bringer of light,
With might that might,
Make one's soul bright,
A angel in my world,
A queen in other realms,

She is the energy in young rivers,
The lining in clouds silver,
The warmth when I shiver,
Sieve her, into your mind
And she is the vision Rosa Park fought for,
The hope Benazir Bhutto bled for,
She is the true definition of beauty than transcends across
All ages,
With youth and vigor that could raise families,
And breed populations,

She is the life behind Sade's voice,
She is the perfect tune that blocks all this noise,
She is the queen of queens,
And Masses clear when she passes,
Evil fears when she glances,
To me, she rules all realms of thought,
And she is in the covers of all history greats,
She gave birth to this King,
She is a template for parenthood,
But more specifically,
She is my mom....
And I love her

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