Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tattered Remains

Shielded by the Anglo Saxon helmet,
Fueled by the ambition of a great macedonian king,
I find,
Freedom, Forever.
Tonight, hate will conquer, and love shall concur,
Tonight, Cupid will be slaughtered, and heartbreaks will prosper,
By morning: blood and sweat will mix on the floor,
On it, a virgin's prayer will be answered.
Sheets will be stained. Clothes will be tattered, an organ shall be crucified, Lust shall be quenched,
One party will be satisfied...
Tears will be shed, promises will be whispered before they are broken,
Feelings will be burried before they are woken,
She will recollect her torn self, look in the mirror as if stretching to stab her reflection,
She will cry for days on end,
flash backs of her barrier mercilessly bombarded by thunderous thrusts of rock solid flesh.
He will console her, "Walls have to be brought down me lady, to celebrate world unity, remember Berlin?"
Her heart will ache in pain and agony, her felony; love and harmony,
Distanced out from her distant past, when she distanced herself from close distances between her body and a man's.
The slight touches, kisses around her ears, the surface lick on her breasts, and the burning urge to be destroyed guided her to this misery.
A month passes, she pukes, she feels weak, has a funny taste in her mouth. She fears the worst, she confirms it, she picks the phone, dials a number, "MTEJA"
In panick, she dials another number, "Hi, I'm currently away from the phone, please leave a message after this b...."
She cuts it, puts the phone down and sobs. Her life thrown away because of another life growing inside her, the IRONY!!

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