Sunday, February 5, 2012

Elizabeth Ruled

Elizabeth, her name.....leaning on that back left leather seat,As I glance through the rareview mirror,
Is her, her face, Chevaliers expressions, "she was a mass of
contradictions: innocent yet experienced, joyous yet
tearful, full of longing and yet full of loss."
With that pale professionaly made up face ruined with tear drop tracks....that formed that valley trenched layer.
She whispered with a stammer...."drive me home"

She had done it,

Flashed away memories of her sins,
Infact,double flashed away memories of her twins,
Womb once full of life, now lifeless,

Swallowed that pill and sealed the deal,

After he denied the embryo and sealed his will,
Gave her unofficial vows, leave her he wount,
Felt comfortable behind for like F she had a G infront,
He showered her with life, regrets;alot,
Like an unfinished mission, he chose to abort....
Sigh of relief,a fool who is too proud that even his blood vessels are vain,
Veins pumping blood to his brain when they want to,hence his irrational decision to cause her this miserable pain,
She wails and screams as she is haunted by the ghost of the kid she barely had,
Regrets being led by the 'I love you' phrases she rarely heard,

She said,let us have this baby for Christ's sake,

He told her, your not a vampire baby,so stop being a pain in the neck,
Look, put two and two together and realise were only 22,
9 months for you would have been hard and lengthy too,
Look at me, I don't have a wallet fat and wealthy to,
Feed you and the babies too,
So let us do what any other rational couple would do,
Flash away the mistakes of our lives,
And wait till I can have you as my wife....

Wait????you said wait???

Just like you tore my chastity after I told you to wait till you have me as your wife???
When you pumped inside me raw and bust life inside me showering my walls with your satisfaction,
After you whispered to my ear sweet words full of lies,
As competing sperms fantasized to fertilize my eggs?
Wait just like I waited when I was home sick and had to wait for you to bring me medicine prescribed but you went to fool around with Sarah?
You thought I didn't know huh?
Typical man....
Well now love, I'm afraid its too late to wait, the weight of immorality has caught us bait,
As I waited for medication and you were busy sticking your penis in every hole,
Not just these kids, but cancer also grew inside my womb,
I will flash these kids away for they wouldn't survive anyway,
And you see me this weak and frail? I have like 3months left and I plan to devote them to the Almighty,
So save your prayers and apologies and let's meet in heaven boo,

Friday, February 3, 2012

Lost, Please find me....

This piece was inspired by a moment in my life that was filled with self pity and loathe....that period when you feel like uve lost yourself to your sadistic alter ego!!! Hence the title lost,please find me 

I play ping pong with king kong's balls, 
I rendezvous with Edward Norton to clean the floors of Fight Club every morning, 
I got the river Nile flowing in my veins, 
I am a lost soul, 
Find me and you shall be rewarded, 
I am a lost soul!!! 

I have lost my self in the great battle of troy, 
I dream girls, singing, singing dream girls' latest hit, 
I search myself to find the last drop of nectar, 
Inside me, because I cant understand why girls call me sweet, 
"Oh, he is so sweet" 
I lost myself trying to find myself, myself is looking for me, 
Argh!!!the torture!!! im lost in this verse, curse me with cursed curses!!! 
What am i saying??? I told you im lost!!! 
I see dead people, showing me the tongue face. 
Atleast corpses have a sense of humour, 
I have none, 
Im lost, 
Lost picking fruits in the amazon jungle, 
Lost listening to my crush flirting with her man, 
Im lost trying to man up, 

I am so sweet???? 
Im lost in good taste, 

I dream of zombies having sexual intercoarse, 
With no rubber, just bruised decaying skin itching for satisfaction, 
I dream that and other grotesque images, 
Wake me, 
Shake me, 
I have lost myself in the epic series, 
Make it season finale and find me, 
I am locked behind a rappers 16bars, 
Metaphors, better for, writing a letter for, her, 
Please rate her, for me, let her show me, that i am not lost, 

I am a fragment of a piece of imagination, 
Birthed by her God forsaken mind, 
I curse with cursed curses, 
I said I curse with cursed curses, 
I limp on cursed verses, 
I am poet, 
A weak one in truth, 
Lost in this poem, 
Created in this human form, 
To deceive women yet i land on the other side of the tossed coin, 
I am hurt my love, 
That feeling when your heart is squeezed by Goliath and David cannot help because the streets are clean, 
There are no stones, 
Samson was shaved bald by creative barbers, 
Not Delilah, 
Lost in a world where Jesus will yell, "For Christ's sake, STOP. End this madness' 
And Judas's ancestry will find him vain, 
Im lost in the critic's blood stream, in veins, trying to breach the walls in vain but my efforts futile, 
I am Akil, son to the sun fathered by earthly pleasure, 
Lastly measured sin weigh way more, 
The way more life is pumped into me, 
The more im lost in Greek myths I am Aries, 
God of war, 
Slayed, lost in war, 
I am lost in a labyrinth, a-maze-ing!!! 
Im lost in purgatory, 
Resurrect me my love, 
Forgive me for i have sinned, further than many, 
Fathered many sins, 
Forgive me my love, 
For I have seen me hurt you!! 
Lost in chains of burning fluids trickling, 
Hotter than lava!! 
I shower in it for i love her, 
I miss you, cant you see??? 
I love you cant you feel??? 
Im lost cant you find me??? 
Find me and i shall reward you, 
I shall reward you with my soul!! 
My soul to take, 
Perfume scent, jean baptiste yelling, 
"Forgive me love, for I have sinned" 
"find me my love for i am lost" 
I am a lost soul, 
I am a lost soul, 
I am a lost soul, 
Find me!!! 
I am Akil, i say, the moon lives under the lining of your skin!! 
Shine and let me see your form!! 
Find me!!