Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Track Team Ltd: Sophia

So I have these two friends who are geniuses in sound production. Karim and Stevo have been endlessly debating on when they will setup a studio of years on end. With me pestering them of course because I am a huge hip hop fan and when you listen to beats that these people compose, you will not think local. Mark my words until when they blow. 
They finally set their studio (Track Team Ltd) within South C, Mugoya and the ambiance is unmatched. Equipped with the best international production gadgets, you will see the new King producers blazing the industry really soon.

Yeah I know, blah blah blah, this is my poetry blog and I shouldn't be posting such stuff here, Okay!!! Poleni...Here is "Sophia" my personal favorite poem finally on youtube and yes, it was recorded at Track Team Ltd Studio. Various poets also recorded, just check the related videos. Among them, Nemesis aka Man Njoro, The mighty Abu Sense, the one man band, freestyler, rapper, poet and beat boxer, CHECKMATE, the real Achieng and many more. Enjoy.