Tuesday, December 27, 2011


With her elegance style and physique,
Vocals, pitch in her music
,At a very tender age,
Many believed she would rock any stage,
As the years went by,
Her value went high,
Still beautiful charismatic and fly,
But naive,gullible and shy,
Soon she was played in every radio, TV and VCR,
Breathtaking, men needed CPR,
Driven in every flashy car, a NAIROBI STAR, was BORN in this NATION with her STANDARD,
Front page in every NAIROBI STAR, NATION and the STANDARD,
Was yet to be seen,Leonardo Da'Vinci wouldnt have painted a better scene,
A worldwide sensation,Every man's temptation,With no hesitation,She was in every global station,
From KTN,NTV to MTV,Every award's MVP,With the 'ENVY ME' attitude showing vividly,
She chose to relocate to the U.S where you face and you grace the ugly stardom mess,and the stubborness of the price of fame,
She then met him,And he met her,And they made abond greater than even chemistry could explain,
He made her quit drinking and smoking crack cocaine,
Which then,numbed her pain,Later,
He started to colonize her brain like most men love to,
And,She started to hesitate making love to,Him,And so he would come back to the apartment when it is too late,And she would always consider to let,him go!!He was irritated about very small things,Like She didnt respond well to PDA,
soon he switched to the GPS on his PDA,Too find a way out of it,
they broke up,For she thought he only had his eyes on her thighs,fantasized on her prize, cries from her soul,
he knew he left a catch with talent,
For she painted pictures clearer than what barrimore and nancy drew,
he knew few,Like her, would ever chew,His stress again!!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

STREET 16 POETRY (Language of the Streets)

The Eagle has landed :-
This is a Poetry Musical show: That will be featuring:


* Namatsi Lukoye
* Amare Poeta
* Carol Njenga
* Abu sense
* El poet
* Teardrops

Amongst amazing underground musicians

* Viv Wambui
* Bedslum
* Luki
* Raggz

Who have prepared an amazing poetry/musical play that incorporates stories taken from, 'Stage ya street 16!!!'

Being the first of its kind and of a series of many.... We are ready to give you the best we can give!!!

Damage is only 250/-

We have fused all this artistic elements to one form. Poets will Converse in poetry verses to pass the multiple   themes and storytelling that will be displayed.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


She was lying there expecting me,
to do something,
She, knew I was salivating!!
Those thighs were luscious,engraved
with alluring skin that could tempt Zeus up Olympus,coming
lightning bolts,screaming 'I want a piece of that'
Just like I wanted a piece of it,
Her breasts partially exposed to the noon day sun that soared high above, directing the rays through the window,
Laminating that specially crafted naked body lying below me,
Still not taking my eyes of those exposed thighs and I,
listened to the cries inside,
screaming out the 'why's
n 'how's n flies
in my stomach restless but in truth I
knew not where to start, How to part, those legs, I
just knew that she had a body that could be turning on Kenya n she is not n.t.v,
And at that time she was there naked with me,
And this is the part that you all envy me, Coz I was her MVP
that afternoon, I was hungry as hell, N all I could spell well, well it was her name,
she rose to fame in my head and the same letters echoed n it said H....E.....N Her name, perfect, the best three letter word, of my life!! If I could spare her that day, I would have had her as my wife, But unfortunately I was way too hungry so I ripped every joint that attached that marvelous creature together and swallowed her visciously, Galitos, that was the best n sexiest bloody delicious hen I've had in my life.....Thank you!!!