Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The School Bell Rings: El Poet and Samo

How are you doing people? Its been long since I posted something huh? Well, The School Bell Rings is finally here. I hope it is worth the wait for everyone. This is a collaboration I did with my mentor, Samo & TheAlmighty based on Ambition that we all have. Riveting and purposeful posted just before Slam Africa this Friday, below is the Poster then after the piece. Enjoy these two worlds. 

(Verse 1- Samo And The Almighty)
...the school bell rings
St. Peter standing at the Pearly gates
I’ve made it just in time for the opening sequence of my life
I snuck into God’s pocket
Went to sleep in a dark knight, dreamt up inception, now the dark knight rises…
life is but a dream to me
cue the Black lights-..
I heard every teardrop is a waterfall
but this tear drop starts with a Massive Attack
that means I’m playing House, Gregory House
be a Wilson and get me my morphine drip
I'm at the Amen corner; they call it destiny’s door
my vision- a staircase to a hug with no hands
my eye- on the highway, I’ll be playing chicken soon
the poetry-my passion, the pen-my pain
my words -a dance floor, I touch souls
so enlightened, I’m glowing in the dark
took a roll in the Hay, I’m sharing thoughts with Yusef Komunyakaa
No circus in the sky, I danced with Ben Okri
find me in poetic nirvana, lost in Sade
she pulled the stars and lay them at my feet
My pyramids facing the sun, she readied me to be Pharaoh
a Soldier of Love, she kissed me with the curse of Sisyphus
Now I carry the World on my shoulders,  padded shoulders, 
So  enVogue, you could call me Mrs. Doubtfire
with a needle I thread Benjamin's button
with a needle I broke Benjamin
Like Benjamin  Little I broke my fingers, lost my hands
grew sleeves, rolled them up
now I’m pushing HEAVEN, God calls me Ambition
feel me bubbling bubbling bubbling
and yet I slowed down, just to smell the ‘lotus flowers’,
I’m walking through my garden of memories
I’m with the love of my life; she’s a ‘Radiohead’
And yes I have a business card, my name’s Charles the First
Her name’s Qalbi, her occupation- my heart
Her love my scripture, Quran meet Bible
We met in a 'Paper flying moment', love in 'M.I.A.'
she played saxophone
That David's secret chord, I played Goliath
Now she has me on tip-toe- the irony is she's the Black Swan
Our shadows crossed, I ‘hope’ to die
die Drunk, like Daniel in the lion’s cage
In a blaze of fire like Joan of Arc
or stoned to death, Amy Winehouse
Can you see the Blue sky? 
"Common Sense" dictates the Lord is coming through
So my nightstand is a painting of open Bibles,
broken Buddha heads,  Blown out candle lanterns, 
and my ghost of lovers past slithering Lord Voldermorts in my ear
saying, "Beauty sleep is such a beast"
so I go to bed  Martin Luther King
-with bullet holes in my dream
and yet all I want is to find that Devil they call Faith
to find freedom, anyone have Dobby's sock?
to be the ringleader of my own circle, anyone know Google plus?
or just set this freaking World on fire
give me one prayer, I need to speak to one God
But Nas, God is a concept by which we measure pain
John Lennon.
So before Basquiat says 'Samo Is Dead'
How will they remember me? 
For 33, Coitus Interruptus or Dictator?
when my Russell Crowes Maximus:
The mob  screaming
“Spaniard, Spaniard, Spaniard”
and Poseidon s winning the fight,
dragging me off this Earth in the arms of the ocean
I swear to you it will be on both feet
Never knees in the dirt
Mr. Samo and The Almighty
Tell them
I’m Pocahontas, I’m Aladdin, I’m Peter Pan
I’m the beauty and I’m the beast
I’m Popeye,I’m super mario, i’m liu kang
I’m shoshana in French riviera, with a cigarette and a novel
I’m in the back of Havana playing Hova
I’m Che Guevara spit, I’m esco and i’m sosa
I’m Michelangelo, stark naked in his undies
I'm the Princess of China in an elephant costume
dreaming about para-para-paradise
I’m Mr. Feel Good Inc. 
Yes I’m going Gorillaz
But tonight, I’m Charles The First 
A Basquiat
El Poet, remember- 'Most young Kings get their head cut off'
I'm done with this
It’s your turn to rule
Goodnight Qalbi
....The school bell rings...

(Verse 2- El Poet)
Heaven cannot brook two suns, nor earth two masters.
The school bell rings,
New assignment, due next week; Rule the World,
I rise above tears of the fallen slaves,
Waves, cycling to the calling caves,
Graves, hollow and scary, saves,
My throne,
Ruler of verity,
Bringer of serenity,
I am your king, CROWN ME.

They paint pictures with a thousand words,
But I give you a thousand words,
Get the picture????
I preach to you with a thousand verses,
Get the scriptures???
Dark clouds gather, Gotham sleeps, Metropolis trembles,
My empire state of mind rules, New York City assembles,
I write to calm fear but my words strike hate,
Taking me through curves and loops like the number 8,
So when Adele set fire to the rain and became so tense,
I stabbed the leprechaun, stole the gold and burnt down the rainbow to clear the evidence.
They call it ego, but I thrive in a dirty love triangle,
Me myself and I,

My heart is jail broken,
Steve Jobs, Rest in Peace,
It broke out of its prison; I call my rib cage,
Tore my lungs out to express its artistry,
Harry Houdini…
So when I die, only burry me six feet under,
Before you tell them I was down to earth,

Tell them I was a righteous man,
Tell them to praise my memories,
Remind them how this soul was hot, how it set fire on stage,
Tell them my existence was a possibility waiting to be birthed into the revolution,
My soul was Che Guevara and the bullet that tore off Malcom’s skin,
And if Spoken Word is the machine, I am the young king lost in controversy with a GPS device searching for redemption.
I am blood I am fear, I am the motivation behind Rosa Park’s vision,
I am the true essence of poverty,
Rich in the mind hopeless in the streets.

Born in the Nile, Raised by the Euphrates, commanded the seven seas, poisoned by Aristotle,
Passed, reincarnated in the future, transgressed to immortality, moulded to perfection, drenched with brutality.
They call me king of kings,
Ruler of all realms,
Conquered the son of Ned Stark, I am Ironman from the iron clad clan, call me Tony Stark.
A victor in this game of Thrones.
I am a master of the world, slave to destiny
REMIND THEM, Tell them…..
Tell them,
How I was a merciless leviathan
Attempting to row the mighty seas and internal thunder pleas,
I dream to conjure up these, so that my ambition breaks the violent thunder breeze,

I bow, Kanye, Power Clap,
I freeze, Snow White, Power Nap,
I pant, Forest Gump, Power Lap,
This poem is an epigram,
A villanelle,
And I the ruler,
So I soothe my subjects to make love to my predicates,
Hence my words wet,
Satisfaction, as I soothe her hyacinth hair, kiss her luring lips,
Softly caressing her tender hips, trips on it, grips on it,
Let her show later scars,
From my similes and metaphors,
I close my eyes, to reason in braille and I am a millennium flick, a blockbuster,
My soul exists in a world beyond our world,
What we fantasize it does,
It is a driven unflinching, calculating machine that takes what it wants and disappears,
It is Swordfish and I am a poet disguised as its frozen sweat.

I was then matched by an empress from the lands of the Halloween’s past,
Past the coliseum doors fast, cast upon Nicki Giovanni’s bust, busted!
But naked singing, I WILL SURVIVE
And as promised, she came with poise, beauty, power and royalty, for girls,
This piece is my Alchemy and she is my panacea…
Let us heal and Leave This World Behind.

You see spirits collide in the smoke that I breathe,
Molecules ignite in the thoughts that I freeze,
Burning up the bellies of the forgotten cities,
I am the “tupate uhuru” chants in the early sixties,
When people existed in the agony of the decomposed rocks,
When spirits hung free on the mau mau composed locks,
Now I rule over kids with Peter Pan dreams wearing skinny jeans to hinder their growth.

This is what the storm holds beneath its wings,
And if it is not over until the fat lady sings,
I’ll wait to hear what this beautiful melody has to bring,
To spin, into me so that I write in the darkest of nights, show my might in the mightiest of fights, let summer fall in this spring, and bounce to wipe the skies with salt and paper so that my seasoning will make life taste a little better,
But for now, remember I’m just a young king,
Who marked a smile with a razor on a joker’s face,
And asked him why so serious????
I am the hero to my story and the villain to my end,
This is my comic strip…
And like the hard footprints embedded on the soft crust of the legends that passed before me,
I will live to leave trail behind for those after me,
My reign will not end but last the eternity, for;
I am powerful, I am a warrior unleashed, I am Darius, I am Alexender,I am Augustus FitzRoy, 3rd Duke of Grafton, I am a freedom fighter, I am a young King,
And I will rule my world until I am held to my throat bread bleeding by the blade of my Queen,
And if asked who I was, I will not whisper, nor mumble nonchalantly but I will tell them I was, HUMAN…
And even if they cut my arms and palms away, the world will still remember that I came in HANDY
The School Bell Rings

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