Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sweet Nothings

I let the pain ooze through my veins,
To scribble words of shame,
Unto the forgotten scriptures of love,
Corroding my tissues,
Letting the rain wash away hope,
Of my dreams,
Let the bad guys forever taste the tasty fruits of the garden Eden,
Let the good guys taste the fruits of their tools of labour,
Let the reckless women get devoured past the gates of Hades,
Let the lucky women joke on the privileged embrace of appreciation.
Let hearts ache let wounds heal,
Let the moon hum the soothing tunes of despair,
Looping the rhythm of empty souls,
Let the stars swing their hips lustfully,
Let the earth weep and swallow its trickling tears,
Let the calendars roll back to thoughtful years,
Before I confess my feelings again...
To you, and you, and you!!!

I am hurt, I am lost, I am banished,
My story told is etched in stones of lithography,
There is no memories of yesterday, no longings of tomorrow,
Bastard son of the plains,
Poetry... My Heritage,
Your lips,
Architect of my pedigree,
Your tongue... Forbidden,
Your scent... alluring,
Your breath.... Distracting,
Your heart, echoing with every beat,
Your sweat, moist, I imagine it, salty.
You say, 'Don't kiss me', I do,
You kiss back, you stop, I kiss again... You cringe!!!
I am hurt, I am lost, I am banished.

You always tell me that actions speak louder than words,
So I tried to mime dance my feelings,
I tried to explain that this is real but you put up Van Gogh's ear and stared at the ceiling,
Its killing, me inside, it is sealing me to my pride, its drilling me despite...,
My strength, my character!

I am a DJ and the moon is my deck,
Spinning the world.
I am a pale face, the stars, my ornaments,
I am a gladiator sent to the afterlife,
This crust my home,
I am the waters: Your photographer, endlessly capturing your reflection,
You easily now see why I mean it when I say,
'You mean the World to me'
I am hurt, I am lost, I am banished.

Let the rivers glide across the mountains of horny men,
Past the forests of sexual misgivings,
Past the fateful decisions, humans call choice,
Between the thighs of Athena,
Into the vaginal walls of pleasurable gains.
And I will be here waiting...
I am hurt, I am lost, I am banished.

I seek solace, on the tip of cupid's arrow,
He is aiming for your chest,
I seek to land on your heart,
Swim in your arteries,
Seek refuge in your brain,
Jogging, panting.
Now feel how I feel when you are always running in my mind.
You ask me to take a walk in your shoes,
I can't even tie my laces,
You are a rare blossoming flower,
I can't even hold you like vases,
I wear my heart on my sleeves,
For protection.

I feel like the foetus aware it will be aborted,
Because I am dying inside,