Friday, January 20, 2012

Coldest Winter

midst the very eyes that first saw you,
A tear dropped warming the skin it trickled upon,
A tear of praise,
Praising a finnesse work of art,
You raised tides and lowered jaws,
Jobless men stared in astonishment as your naked body passed,
Those with boxer shorts hid their proof of hard erection,
While the shopkeeper easily ran out of soap weekly,
I say naked because the top did not seem to hide the curvacious bossom but to hold them firm and the tight, tiny, silky hot pants only covered what naturally cant be seen,
When a lady is standing upright,

These are the forms of torment we go through,
Or rather men go through,
Poised herself as a Goddess and all men her minions,
Made thousands,millions,
Salivate, sharing love struck opinions,
Men were a desperate neck and she was a prized medallion,

In bed, the lucky laid men were mesmerized,
They said her moves were ground breaking,
That they painted hieroglyphs, having sex on a pegasus,
And with every thrust, Hades mourned in envy,
Burning souls complaining of the sudden change of heat,
Screaming "What the HELL is going on"

A man once claimed that he flirted with an angel while locking lips with her,
And to him, she was an immortal blossoming flower from the garden of lustful individuals,
You see, she warmed hearts, weakened them, n tore them apart,
As she watched other men standing alert,
Queuing to enter the gates of heaven,
Symbolized as her luscious entry,

She had slept with more characters than a qwerty keyboard,
Fire burning slowly with more wax than a dirty earphone,
She literally broke hearts,
She always blamed him,
Named him, lucifer,
He came and tore her apart and to her,
She is just playing her role as karma's dirty messenger,
She just couldnt heal!! Cursed earthling,
Even kanye couldnt tell her nothing,
With every soul she sought to kill,
Defied life's best quality,
That pain doesnt last,
Like how a child cries and laughs after,
Joyous laughter,
Crafted with beauty!!

She then met this guy,
Fly, suddenly he was her afrodisiac and not 'brandy' anymore,like before,
Any flaw?? None
It was him, manly,
She thought,
With all the men she has played like football,
He is the one she was looking for since she stood a foot tall,
Her fantasy guy, showed up from a tear she cried,
There she stood, obviously irresistable, at first,
To him, she turned out to be predictable at last,
Way too attached she turned,
Hardest way for a lesson, she learnt,
The guy complained that she was dug too deep for even his manhood to fill,
As he fell out of her,
To him she was non-existant like cursing on live radio,
Shook her off his back as roughly as a mad horse on a rodeo,
Cupid's bow here had a broken arrow,
Cursed by a dead sparrow,
No pavement to rest on the renovated boulevard of tomorrow,
In short, there was no broad avenue out of this!!!
The silent serpant's hiss,
Was followed by a poison sting that killed her ghetto dreams,
Of the alley of broken promises,
Token, loneliness,
Soaking her phoniness,
Her self esteem now lower than the heights she went to please that guy,
She said she was that that fly,
Hence a succulent prey,
Couldnt kneal down and pray,
The fallen, cunning 'man slayer' met her match trying to find God
In an unanswered prayer,
Lets pray, for her!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012


I look in to your eyes and see a drop of dark pleasure,
Swallowed by a milky white ocean, i measure,
Dimes with this treasure,
Lesser value,
Oh my queen,
What says I,
What sways? Eye- balls enclosed with this socket,
Up, down, side to side, as you glide to eternal freedom,
With no shackles of words ending in 'isms' just the rhythm of your motion, captured,
Raptures inside me, as i cant hold in my hots for you,
Creature inside me dead, for i fought for you,
I flirted with an idea, that gave birth to you,
After emotions that makes us one,
After motions that make us turn,
Breaking cautions that makes us yearn....for more,
Four more, strokes, to bring life to this earth,
I taste the sand, bitter!!!
But the thought that you are from it, sweatens it,
Now i sing, sweet hums of pure bliss,
Each tone, fewer kiss-es,
Mistress of unprecedented beauty, and more beauty and more beauty,
I met you in the dark corners of heaven dancing with demons,
Demons, exposing your skin, to my 'naked' eye,
Needs held in apprehention,
Bellies lower with what i mention,
Tension creeps between my curious hands carressing your skin to find the map to your heart,
Is it a home???a hut of some sought???
I said i met you dancing with demons at the dark corners of heaven, ravens bowing above with your movements,
Moves-meant to shower the earth,
With love, and lust and cums of green pastures,
Read upon by sheikhs and pastors,
Past us, i see the devil pass us,
In God we trust in disguise we mask us as masters of worship,
Destrying warships sailing in our ocean of love,
I love you,
I love you,
I love you,
I feed you words that stitch our wounds,
Stabbed by hypocrisy of our 'love'
I lovr you,
You do not understand,
I love you,
Diseases spread when we AID each other with viruses,
My glasses, shatter, when masses, pass
Im married to verses thus! i still love you *blushes*as, i repeat!
i love you
I lovr you
I love you
Or do I? Do i love you? A lady that weakens me and still makes me stronger,
Killing me softly, with fugees,
Few G's meant to make you savour the moment,
Waiting for the torment,
When i comment on our dying love,
For the fish, wait,
Where did i fish that from? The weight of madnesses creeping inside my skin, tearing my sanity, hiding my vanity,
Three words, i love you!!!
Send shivers up my spine,
But the thought that your mine,
Calms me,
I love you,
Or do I?? :-/

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Her Tears (True Story)

Her tears target my Achilles heel, 
she slid due to the silly spill, 
Of cold soap water chilly till, 
She fell tummy first, and really feels, 
Pain,anger,regret,resentment all these physical and mental, 
All the tears that she falls are rental, 
For her tear ducts and glands have dried up,she flied up and down,cried up and frowned, searched up and down and found no cure, now she drowns herself in her own blood, 
wounds all through her skin as she chews her flesh with mega bytes, 
Little memory of happiness, megabytes, 

She distances herself from her distant past,resistances of her resistant lust, lost behind the finishline,last,cast upon by a cursed spell, thirst quenched with blood, vast her veins now dry too,dust....weeps from morning till dusk....all for an accident she didn't ask, 

Once a potential mother versatile, proud,ripe and fertile, now a loner, abandoned by an inhumane husband, after she fell and lost his only chance of a child to bear his true mark of what i call cowardice.
He went from the love of to the bane of her life, 
I weep with her for when the fat hit the fire, 
She burnt all she desired, 
And her entire life, 

Now cursed with a burden as she cant conceive, 
No dream to live,she cant achieve , 
No family to raise she cant believe, 
Had her Israeli friend called Aviv, 

But now she has lost everyone,
she cant even tell aviv, 
Now gullible and naive, she cant perceive, 
For any hug she receives, 
She reaches for her gut,and its blood, sweat and memories of her miscarriage that she retrieves, 
Cast in disarray and disbelief, 
She faced an uphill battle but even the mountains had deserted her, 
Left to twist in the wind but even the air had deserted her, 
Was adviced to wave a dead chicken but she chose to bury herself in the sand with the chicken. 
They say a picture paints a thousand words. But what if its negative? 
we then then absorb this poem, and pray for the Mother that couldnt conceive but gave birth to a lesson to be learnt for the lucky few. 
For she wrote a note before she committed suicide that said, and i quote. "I walked a tight rope and fell,i hope the ones that face my tribulation in the future grow wings beforehand and fly" 
lets pray for her to our Lords, i dont understand many gods, for that is Greek to me. But i know our God will save our mothers. Peace. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I am paranoid

A tear drops cold, 
Rolled on the cheek tracks, 
Bold on the outside, 
Gullible inside, 
Animal insight, 
Audible instrides, 
This night, 
This might, 
This fight, 
These sights, this site, 
Snow this white, 
Still, snow white, 
Her face so white.... 
Life poisoned... 
This is the story of life's paradox, 
Low hums, measured breaths, I start this poem, 
They said you have a weak character if you did not come from Europe or America, 
That Africans used their palms and arms better than their brains, so, we came in HANDY, 
We were inferior that even our dreams failed to match our superiors, when we closed our eyes, we saw shackles,chains and whips under our eyelid's interiors,its, we went from learning in college, to buying knowledge,paying homage to our egocentrism, ethnocentrism running deep in our blood streams,

bad dreams,
world grim,
facts seem,
Supreme regimes run this world. 

I am paranoid, all these conspiracy theories,in diaries of an innocent muslim, 

do seem to get under my skin and are tearing every dermal layer,
i need every humble prayer, 
sample player to play the fusing amazing music of my musings,cruising in my mind,losing it
my central system,nervous,
sending chills through my epithelial tissues,issues when I kiss my girl goodbye when I leave home because Ive grown a tall goatee, and im not near fourty, my position far from lofty, policemen, mostly the ones naughty stop me and force me to produce my identification roughly....

I am a tonne paranoid, 
I beg you to see past my fault of wrongful assault, default my dreams of the bitterness of taking this poem with a grain of salt and halt my mixture of fear and anger,lock them in a vault,exalt me to your level of intelligence for in as much as im Somali by Origin, im Kenyan by Nationality, 

So I hover to the sky feeling, relieved from the crust kneeling, dealing with awkward stares from once upon a time, friends, after the recent bombing trends because im suddenly a terrorist as my hair is soft, my complexion suspicious and my religion muslim. Fear results to panick which results to ignorance which leads to irrationality. 

So before you switch your mode to destroy, think of yourself as a decoy, deployed by western nations to finish their kill ploys....i am paranoid. 

I cant seem to rest, for I feel,like the rest,they are spying for the next gullible pest,and I feel like they are using the whole satelite system to guess the estimate of the size of the beating flesh that rest within my chest, arrest me if you want to. I feel like they are coming for me... 

But armed with these neural linguistic,semantics free tactics,drastic and psychic prowess I AM READY FOR THEM. 
Or may be not.... 
Excuse me for my french as your on the fence for my past offence, so my defence needs you to literally pick your ears and,actually lend it to me so I mend it to be permanent, after they cut them as they are out to get me....n they dont need witnesses who will listen to my yells. 

I will make it hard for them. I will block my path with a wall of cans of tuna fish, 

draw out exactly 8.2 meters of space, 
direct a herd of cattle to my place,
ask zeus to block the way with his lightning bolt,
semi imprison scot 
so that they have to literally smell something FISHY, walk the the whole 9 yards, wait till all the COWS come home, actually steal someone's thunder, a greek god to make it harder and let scot-free not to mention me lying down playing dead so that they will have to walk over my dead body. Im not an easy prey....fools, again excuse me for my french. 

But on a serious turn, 
For the ones that lost their lives, in street pararades and church crusades when those animals, guns they sprayed, blew grenades...i prayed. May your souls rest in eternal peace. And for these brutal animals,may your souls rest in eternal piss, from the kidneys of the children you left without parents and the parents you left childless. God has plans for the heroes and the villains. And lastly, let us use spoken word to bridge the gap between the informed and the ignorant who are swayed everyday into terrorist camps. Peace, love, unity and more peace,love and unity.