Thursday, November 24, 2011

These Demons

He said how,.
Its unfair
How our fair share of thought is impaired when we lack child care, health care, compared to elsewhere relishing luxury and and vanity fares, I swear kneeling down for the Loads Prayer,
Coz that is the only thing in African Countries thats laissez faire,
So when you find yourself lonely your still alive,
Because life is the only reality game you play alone like solitaire.
Its only fair, when you try and square, your monthly share of the Nations income and find you need to start those morning prayers youve always procrastinated.

So please dont "whine" like fermented grapes,

Just stick your goals like adhesive tapes,
For this world is filled with aggressive apes,
Where oil and riches will get you killed if you follow Ghadafi's steps,
Yet you still complain that your neighbour bought a new harrier,hurry up and open your eyes to Syrian revolution,
Where when the country gets all the arsenal and rebels,
Western countries steal all the oil and labels,titles,honour. Its not a battle for democracy and conflicting ideologies,
But a battle of bureaucracy wealth making chronologies,

Lets turn back to God to exorcise these demons,in these prisons,

Lets pray,
Pardon us Lord,but this demon runs these
shackles of the pain of poverty,
He corrupts our sanity!
We prosper in his evil dominion,
as we all communicate with each
other's facade opinions!
A world in distortions,
a world in an era of terror,war and
legalized abortion!
A world with atheist sheikhs and
a world where half naked men and
women pass us, and curse as it nourishes,
A world where,in dark
corners,prostitution flourishes,
  infidelity on our faces like freckles and
ugly blemishes, domestic skirmishes languishes opportunity doors,
Insecurity flows,where indemnity knows,you cant be compensated for stupidity blows.

We live in such a world.

a world threatened by heavy artillery
and global warming,
insecurity sleeps and wakes up with us
every morning!
Our country cautious and alert cause of Alshabab bombings!
A world wounded by the blades of
concrete reality,so logically,those hurt are
the innocent beings hopeful of
Travelling across dilapidated roads,
socializing with repremanded souls!
Sometimes I just feel like slicing  my waist into half so that like literature collumns,
I dont know where to place my Semi-COLON,
For when we reach this point of no return,
Where we lose our greedy brothers and sister looting oil near explosive tanks,
Errosive plans, when bosses sexually abuse their interns in turns,
When people go blind coz of yokozuna drinks sold in these grey cans,
Hey man,be thankful when you "shade" designer tears coz of these sun "ray bans",

Let's work hard and not dally,

And avoid getting mugged in these street alleys,
Sleep early,and wake to this steep valley, ship's galley, street rally, when people compete on race colour and status,
Instead of self drive apparatus,

So for all these pain that we endure,

We sit and mourn for the late wangari maathai,
For all the pain the Israelites ensure,
On the weak palestines,ill ensure to blatantly address even in my love poems.
Humanity is humanity's worst enemy.
We hunt ourselves, the only way to a peaceful world is if we all turn to God.

Now,i just died in your arms tonight,

Took the stab to the gut without a fight,
So I lose my sense of sight despite,
It being,
Something you said.
I just died in your arms tonight.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In My Dreams, I Vent

In my dreams I write,with this ink I apply,
I write, so I there by, release my thoughts and try, to reach for the stars but I keep forgetting that like any other,i cant fly,
I am like the Hessian fly that damaged the Shepherds pie when people turned a blind eye,
And I cant understand why people celebrate dates like 1st of June and Fourth of July when were all colonized by our conflicting ideologies.
I wish I could pick Icarus's wings and glide past human hatred to a new time dimension,
Where if its peace I mention,i get nods and not this unease and tensions,
And the Chinese mentioned,
Its better to light a candle than curse the darkness,
But witty sayings prove nothing,
If only drugs instead of blood flow your stream,
Veins the size of ropes show your dreams,
Heart beating slow you seem, to pass out,yet you claim your sober,
Please brother I dont need any Kenyan newspaper to check your pulse,

These dreams haunt me,
I dream negatively, in my dreams,i sail beneath the dark
streets of Gotham, my safety lying on
the back of a bat. Sheding burning tears
of a world in a mist of devastation,
where the only hope to a new revolution
is losing brothers and sisters to
stampedes and stray bullets in mass
action protests, we protest to protect
our rights only when we feel right and
so, we get pinned like flyers on boards,
but i chose to smile because the joker in
these dark nights urges me to smile, to
keep smiling.comes to me in revelations
asking, ''WHY SO SERIOUS?'' for only the
ones with humility smile at dire
guns,thuggery,corruption,insanity and
higher crimes,inspire rhymes,entire
rhymes that touch our heart and soul,
Yet you speak to me of a revolution
when our struggle doesnt even touch
your heart and soul,when your heart
and sole purpose of leading us is
power?well, mr.politician, the
hour of change to wipe you out of that
tower has come,the skies are finally
gathering in unison upon you and we expect them
to shower drops of burning fluids to
wash all the
blood,filth,corruption, lies,infedility,cruelty,deception
and all the vices from your skin...
In my dreams I vent, in pain.
Pain feels,what pain fills in us,pain heals
what pain seals in us,
pain steals,what pain drills in us,
pain deals with what pain feels,and
pain is us!

Alas!the brittle glass cuts through soils and spoils of war,
Body recoils and toils in low,
Hums and measured breaths,i dream-
My pen bleeding on this empty desperate
like my veins were slit for it,
my tongue vibrating on this empty
desperate stage,
creating this mental invincible
connection with it, so....
I pray not to wake up...lets dream.
But in my dreams, I vent.

A Poem From A Ghetto Dream

A poem from a Ghetto Dream

She held her plate and said,
I want more, more love so,
I heal this wounds that have become sore,
She rested her palms together and said,
I implore,
You to keep me indoors,
For the streets outside are not like before,
You find bhang instead of bread in stores,
Young boys in saggy jeans, shiny rims, massive timbs, and big white t-shirts to hide sharp blades, and hard drugs,
On the other side rests jobless boys sniffing gums as steam,
with pennyless dreams,
Planning merciless schemes,
So as to feed their kids,

Young girls from college, pregnant,
Ready to give head to be ahead of the interview queue,
Inner feuds, few,
Political feuds, If you asked me to spell leadership mediocracy i would spell L.E.A.r.....No, i would abbreviate them to ODM,PNU....
Shame on you, for your fraudulent schemes, and promising political rallies,
Yet you still leave only dust behind for your masses like safari rallies!!
We wake up early, to work harder and make money faster than the escalating food prices,
How do you care when your making millions while a loaf of bread is growing to be of higher monetary value than the street child sniffing gum to numb the drought struck worn out, ulcer infected lining of his stomach, filled with saliva because that is the only thing he has been taking for the last three weeks!!

The mother said come, my child,
She said i cannot go outside mum, its wild,
The streets are filled with rape,thuggery and drug dealing,
Of insecurity, blood and cold killing,
Id rather kneal down, look up and pray to this ceiling,
To open up so that God sees the pain that im feeling,
Because i cant forget when they tied my hands, opened my thighs and tore me apart,

Listen God can see through this ceiling,Myth,
He knows the pain that your dealing,
Pray to him, and he will make all hope lateral,but,
Trade in your fears as collateral,
Live your life as if it was heaven,
So that you die another day like double O seven!

I am a Young Somali Boy Birthed by Kenyan Soil,

I speak for the voices forgotten,
Hence my voice is outspoken for you who is silent is a better poet!!
I speak for the millions of people locked up in demonic rhythms,
Satanic shackles hugging them, kissing them,giving them a torturous love, freeing them with blazing wings of a monstrous dove,
I speak for the soldiers dead in palestine,wrapping defused bombs with plastercene,plaster seen in torn legs of children shot by izraeli soldiers trying to cast a scene, after scenes of the world, mastered sins when physicists squeeze out explosives instead of oil from caster seeds,when you must agree to your masters greed, even when your told to shoot an innocent three year old!!!
A classic tell of a soldier following orders??

Didnt you know that we are all soldiers!????
Even that boy dying with hunger in the arid areas of turkana is a soldier,
Infact he has been a better soldier all his life fighting a holocaust,
Of pain and hunger, of extremely hot days and freezing nights of eating grass and salty pebbles, of fighting land grabs and raiding rebels, of handling levels and verges of temporary insanity, he has been fighting a war where majority of what you call the human race where everyone wanting to be 1st not caring who you stepped on to get there!!
I DARE you to speak with me, to work hard to end destruction and corruption, to chant spiritual african songs and embrace our ethnicity, and not to emulate others!!!
To stop and listen, to the pharaohs ghost screams, yelling God is out there, for you, for me, for all of us!!!
He is the spaces between this poem from a ghetto dream!!